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Fulham Timber


Fulham Timber is one of the UK's leading independent timber and builders merchants, with 4 branches, a sawmill and an e-commerce presence.

Fulham Timber & Building Supplies, formerly known as Fulham Timber Merchants (FTM), wanted to lead the way in revolutionising their industry by growing their online business, then only amounted to 0.87% of their turnover, and rebranding to make the company more approachable and appealing to not only independent tradespeople but the public and other businesses.

With Fulham Timber being a company with over 30 years heritage, a reputation based on quality, and considering their goal, this was a truly exciting project we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into.


Online turnover increased by 197% in one year, overtaking national competitors online, a respected brand.

Working directly with and within Fulham Timber, we mutually agreed that as a brand with heritage, an element of this needed to be protected, so keeping the original colour palette of red and black, we rebranded as ‘Fulham Timber & Building Supplies’, telling people we sell more than timber, we sell building supplies too, and we’re not just merchants open to the trade, we’re open to everyone.

We built a website which is built around three concepts; instant results, instant trust, instant checkout – regardless of the device used.

We’ve created a high performance, high security, high turnover website which thrivesunder any circumstance, from peak months, to COVID-19 driven home-improvement boom sales.

  • Website personlisation
    Displaying relevant, products to visitors.
  • Live chat
    Resolving customer sales and support queries. instantaneously
  • Instant results search
    Products are displayed as the customer searches for them.
  • B2B/B2C Pricing
    The ability to display different prices based on customer account type.
  • Branding
  • Website Design / ECommerce
  • SEO
  • PPC
Fulham Timber SEO

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